Term 4 workshops run by Lisa FitzGerald Brand of Simply Vibrant being held at Ocean Grove , Vic and Drysdale Vic - Note: Call to book classes. Class numbers limited to 12 - bookings essential!

Food As Medicine: Are you eating foods that are healing or harming you? Your food can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine OR the slowest form of poison! Where does your food come and does it even make a difference?

Detox Your Life: Is your home a Haven OR a Chemical Disaster? Learn how to clean up your life and experience lasting health & longevity well into your twilight years!

Vegan Raw Food & Cooking Demonstrations: Delicious , Nutritious, Easy & Cruelty Free recipes to tantalize the whole family. Vibrant colours for amazing visual appeal , light , fresh and very more-ish! Food should be exciting , tasty & GOOD FOR YOU! Be sure to come to class with a rumbling tummy all food shared and eaten at class. Recipes & Information pack given to all participants.