Our current lifestyle of over processed , genetically modified, irradiated, coloured, preserved , toxic & chemical laden food, lack of movement (yes , I mean exercise!), dehydration, reliance on pharmaceutical drugs, stressful and acidic lives has led to an explosion in chronic and disabling conditions~ do you know someone with any of the following?

1. Overweight ~ can't lose weight

2. Tiredness ~ fatigue ~ disinterest

3. Hormone imbalance

4. Skin problems ~ acne ~ dermatitis ~ rashes

5. Constipation

6. Bad breath/body odour

7. Digestive disorders

8. Fungal conditions ~ candida~ thrush ~ tinea

9. Thyroid problems

10. ADD ~ ADHD

11. Chronic autoimmune conditions such as Asthma ~ eczema ~ diabetes ~ hypothyroidism


Sound familiar? These are your body's warning signals, these are signs that your body is in crisis and needs your immediate attention. What will you do? Will you turn the internal alarm off with the 'Band-Aid' approach of pharmaceutical drugs? Or will you work with your body's innate ability to heal? The choice is yours.

Simply Vibrant offers an educational transformational programs which include the following:

* 'Plant based and Blood group' specific detoxification programs

* Alkalising dietary systems, recipes and supplements

* Support and guidance to transition to a plant based, chemical free, organic lifestyle

* Self Awareness Coaching

* Phone and text message availability to address concerns or queries during and post detox program

* Public Speaker

* Vegan Health Seminar Presenter - (price on application)

Individual services are available in person or via skype .

We all have the ability to live vibrant , healthy , happy and vital lives. We owe it to ourselves to look after our bodies and our minds and to make positive choices that will not only see us being healthy and enjoying life but will contribute to the health of the planet. After all this is our home and we're not likely to be given a new one in the foreseeable future. So make the call - make YOU the priority now and GET HEALTHY!