To Whom this May Concern,

During the month of April this year I followed Simply Vibrants Detoxification Program.

Prior to going on the program I had been experiencing severe pain in my thumb joints due to inflammation.
I was 6 kilos overweight and my energy levels were low. I found the program much easier to follow than I had anticipated as I could feel the benefits almost immediately. My skin took on a healthy glow that it had not had for years, my thumbs ceased to be painful, my energy levels increased dramatically and as a bonus I lost the extra 6 kilos and have managed to maintain that weight for the past 3 months without effort. If feeling amazingly healthy is important to you then book an appointment with Lisa of Simply Vibrant.

Jennifer Hamilton aged 57


Hi Lisa,

I would like to say a big thank you for your wonderful detox program which we took part in recently.

Kieran has lost 9 kilos to date and I've lost 6 kilos in the first 2 weeks.

Our key learning's were the realisation of the amount of processed foods we were putting into our bodies, including animal meats and fats as well as processed condiments etc.

We are now so much more educated and certainly feel the health benefits already; therefore we have decided to embrace a vegetarian diet.J

So Thank you so much for the program and it most certainly was worth it!

Kind Regards,

Helena and Kieran O’Connell

Rye, Victoria