June 2014

I first met Lisa FitzGerald at the Ocean Grove Neighbourhood Centre while she was holding a cooking class - Vegan Cooking for Health & Wellbeing.

She spoke of eating to suit my blood type and all about doing a detox. It was at a time in my life I wanted badly to lose weight and improve my health.

I felt I'd tried everything, but all I learned from Lisa just seemed to make sense! So I did a detox with Lisa's amazing knowledge and guidance and yes the first week wasn't easy but a real eye opener to where i was going so wrong with not only eating but also my lifestyle. I'm 6 weeks into my "new life" and feel absolutely amazing.

I've lost 7 kgs , have heaps of energy, my skin is clear and it sounds silly but I feel really clean inside my body. When I think of all the antacids, vitamins and doctor prescriptions I've spent money on , I could have had a lovely holiday!.

I'm very happy with my new life, it's been a journey and still am learning more and more about what foods to eat and am experimenting with recipes combining foods I really like. It felt like dang this lifestyle change was my last resort and I'm so pleased I have done it. To tell the truth I feel Simply Vibrant

Jill Jacobs

Ocean Grove


To Whom It May Concern,

When I arrived on Lisa's doorstep, I was a health nightmare
I suffered from chronic asthma, sinusitis and ear issues, an underactive thyroid and associated nerve and structural damage after spinal tumours.
I'd tried naturopaths, homeopaths, kinesiology, traditional medicine and other alternative treatments. While each made a difference, the combined toll on my body (and mind) was mounting.

I ended up with a huge health bill and on a trillion supplements and drugs.

I'd almost come to accept that 'this was it' - this was my lot...but in my heart , I knew there had to be something.

I'd never considered a vegan lifestyle; mainly as I love seafood too much, and I was sceptical as to if it would help.

My husband suggested Lisa, and I decided to give her approach a try.

Lisa's enthusiasm , passion and support has made a huge difference to my life, and I've only been seeing her for two months.

The 'foggy' head, trudging through mud feeling and lethargy have gone. My mind is sharper, I sleep better and wake feeling refreshed. Who'd have thought that was possible!

I'm off the daily dose of antibiotics and steroid medication for my nose, have halved my asthma medication and haven't seen a GP in two months (and I had been going fortnightly)

My family came down with a dreadful flu. Normally I'd be down for the count too but caught only a slight sniffle which cleared in a day.

I know my journey has just begun, and there's more improvement to come, but if I was to stay feeling like I do today, compared to how I felt two months ago - I'd be rapt!

I'm so glad and grateful to have Lisa's guidance

Thanks so much Lisa!

Sue Lawson

mob: 0408 811 594

I am 54 years old and work as an operational policeman in country Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne. In 2009, I realised that the lifestyle I was living was having a detrimental effect on my health. My fitness level had declined slowly over several years and I gained a significant amount of weight. My diet was poor, my stress levels were high, and I had trouble sleeping and generally felt unwell.

I contacted Lisa FitzGerald for some advice. She suggested I should have a full assessment and she would write up a health and lifestyle program specifically for me.

Lisa contacted me a few days later and I started on my program. The program began with a four week detoxification program. This included a pretty strict plant based diet and in addition to the diet there were supplementary vitamins and a number of other things. The detoxification was followed up by a few weeks of coaching and the commencement of an exercise program.

Over the next six months the diet was varied according to my needs (but remained plant based) and the exercise program was changed slowly but dramatically. I went from a 20 minute walk four times a week to running, gym workouts and exercise routines that I could do at home or in the back yard. I now train in the gym at least three times a week and do a five to ten kilometre run at least three times a week. My fitness level is that of a much younger person and I have shed 19 kilos. My body shape has completely changed, my muscle definition has returned and I look and feel fantastic.

I have no doubt that Lisa's program over the last six months has added years to my life. I now enjoy a much improved quality of life and am really pleased with the results. I highly recommend Simply Vibrant and Lisa FitzGerald to all my friends and would gladly give my testimonial to anyone who was looking to improve their fitness, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Yours sincerely

Steve B




August 26, 2010

To Whom It May Concern:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I have known Lisa FitzGerald for many years and have found her to be a great motivator, especially in the areas of health, nutrition and lifestyle improvement.

Five years ago I was very unhealthy, obese and suffering depression after sustaining a spinal injury. Chronic pain, large amounts of medication and two bouts of spinal surgery had left me with not much hope for a good recovery.

Lisa devised a vegan nutrition and exercise program for me that was not only easy to maintain but enjoyable. Lisa also recommended vitamin and nutritional supplements which assisted with the acidity that was causing a lot of my joint pain. My fitness gradually increased with daily walking and a healthy eating regime gave me energy to exercise for longer periods. As a result I lost 26 kilos and have maintained a good level of fitness. Throughout my program Lisa was inspirational with her support and encouragement.

Lisa also enlightened me to the risks of constant exposure to chemicals in our daily lives. She advised me on chemical free cleaning and personal care products and how to eradicate toxic chemicals from my diet. Under her guidance I have eradicated most chemicals from my household and diet. As a result I feel much healthier and have had none of the recurring ailments that I was formerly plagued with. Also under her guidance I have transitioned my diet to a plant based diet and now completely avoid various foods that were making me unwell ie dairy products, meat and processed foods.

As a result of my newfound energy and wellbeing I have started my own business which is a one –on-one holiday program for people with intellectual disabilities. Also my family and friends have been keen to make changes to their lifestyles after seeing my transformation.

I have no hesitation in recommending Lisa as a lifestyle coach. She possesses the attributes necessary to perform this role. She is informed and informative, encouraging, empathetic and firm when needed to be. She is also a wonderful role model as she is the embodiment of health and wellbeing and energy.

I wish her well in her endeavors and thank her sincerely for the wonderful changes she has bought to my life.



Julie Sullivan


To Whom this May Concern,

Following major surgery for a life threatening illness earlier this year, I was feeling really flat & lethargic.

I made an appointment with Lisa, followed her detox program for 4 weeks and although the first few days were tough, felt like a new person by the end of the 1st week.

After 4 weeks I had more energy, clearer skin, slept better & generally felt better than ever.

Please, if you value 'living' life, make an appointment with Lisa.

Thank you for your help Lisa! ~ Abby Vanstan

Hello Lisa,
Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for you.
You were there when my life was falling apart. My mother had just passed away, my marriage was failing and my health was not too good. I was blaming everyone for my problems except myself.
Your guidance has taught me to be positive. You taught me the skills I needed to firstly forgive myself, how to look inside myself to find happiness instead of wanting others to bring me the happiness. You taught me how to set goals in life to achieve inner happiness and good health.
Your guidance was loving, non-judgemental, practical and easy to understand and follow. I don't think I would have been able to get through the last 2 yrs without your help.
I am a different person now . A positive person who has a lot to live for. I am happy , healthy, and enjoying life. This is all because of your guidance.
Thank you
Lana Schmid


Hi Lisa ,

I would like to say thank you for your wonderful detox program which we took part in recently.

Kieran has lost 9 kilos to date and I've lost 6 kilos in the first 2 weeks.

Our key learnings were the realisation of the amount of processed foods we were putting into our bodies, including animal meats and fats as well as processed condiments etc.

We are now so much more educated and certainly feel the health benefits already; therefore we have decided to embrace a vegetarian diet :-)

So Thank you so much for the program and it most certainly was worth it!

Kind regards,
Helena and Kieran O'Connell