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Simply Vibrant focuses on Wellness through plant based nutrition.
Vegan detox programs designed specifically to the individual are one of the first steps towards 'cleaning the slate' and making a fresh start.
The detox program comprises one month of physical cleansing combined with an educational protocol to enable the client to make permanent lifestyle changes that will support them on an ongoing basis.
Life Coaching with a focus on becoming very aware of self and transforming old outdated behaviours and self limiting beliefs allow the client to experience much more of their potential and regain the spring in their step and a true zest for life!

Having been involved in the Health and fitness industries for over 30 yrs now I have seen the scary rise in many diseases that beset so many people today.
Diseases such as obesity, arthritis, heart disease, autoimmune diseases , allergies depression, gut dysbiosis, candida, cancer etc. The list goes on and on.

My journey has been a long and winding one and having experienced many of the conditions that my clients present with I'm certainly in a great position to assist them clear the dis-ease that they are currently dealing with and to make sure that they have the knowledge and tools to remain healthy and symptom free for the rest of their lives.

As we are all very much individuals in every way - physical constitution, mental clarity and awareness, emotional resilience, spiritual background , cultural background, family and peer conditioning, past experiences etc - It's clear that a "1 solution fits all" just wont work. With this in mind each program is created after an initial consultation with the client (up to 3 hours) . A health questionnaire is issued to the client prior to their first appointment to enable me to have an overall 'feel' for what is happening with that client and prepare for our first consultation.

It is a simple truth that "You Are What You Eat" or an even truer statement is "You Are What You Absorb" . With much of our food nowadays being one of the following:
1. Genetically modified
2. Over processed
3. Heavily sprayed with herbicides , pesticides, fungicides
4. Artificially sweetened
5. Artificially coloured
6. Tainted with heavy metals and synthetic poisons
Its no wonder that we are all getting so sick! we have reached a stage where the food we eat is sub standard , our bodies are desperately trying to absorb some nutrition with which to heal and repair on a daily basis and it's just not happening. In fact the opposite is happening - as a collective we are becoming more and more toxic and as a consequence - getting sicker and sicker.

The proof is in the pudding though and it is of great importance that the client is truly committed to changing their current health status. With commitment and a willingness to embrace change the results are AWESOME. Testimonials often include words such as feeling lighter, feeling energised, feeling energetic, feeling peaceful, feeling more loving etc etc.

Most people have heard the phrase , "healthy body , healthy mind", I often notice that as the client clears the internal clutter and debris from their bodies their thought processes open up and at that time some coaching around old issues can be gold to establish new resourceful thinking and behaviours.